Advanced Level Transference Healing® Session

All healing sessions are run in my sacred healing space.  Healings can be done in person or remotely (distance healing).  The client is seated in a comfortable chair and is warm and snug throughout.

As Transference Healing® is a non touch healing modality, the healing energy is run etherically, meaning from a distance.

The Advanced Level Transference Healing® session is a comprehensive healing that works with multiple healing procedures.  This energy works on our physical and etheric body, our lightbody, our DNA, our electromagnetic body and our heart consciousness.

It creates profound shifts within our body and consciousness.  This multi dimensional healing supports us to raise our frequencies, lift our vibration, and open our hearts.   It supports us to sustain optimum health, wellness and empowerment.

A therapeutic Lightbody Essence will be divined for each session, to integrate and further support the healing process.


An intuitive reading with in depth feedback from the healing session is channeled, recorded as an MP3 file & sent to you after the session.

Advanced Level Transference Healing® Session

1:1 in my sacred healing space       OR       Absentee / Distance Healing

Advanced Level Transference Healing session

Duration:  1.5 – 2 hours


  • A 15ml therapeutic Transference Healing Lightbody Essence to support healing (sent via post if distance healing)
  • An intuitive reading (via Zoom / phone call if distance healing), with in depth feedback from the healing session. This is recorded as an MP3 file & sent to you after the call.

Energy Exchange:  €90

What to expect in the healing session:

As soon as you have booked your healing, the energy will start to run.  This in itself can bring things up to the surface.  Trust that all is set in motion to create a positive change for you.

If you are attending in person, you will be welcomed into my sacred healing space and seated in a comfortable cosy chair.  We will chat briefly about the healing and then I will guide you through a short relaxing meditation to bring you in to your heart space.  I will be sitting opposite you and will run the energy etherically from a distance.

If you are receiving the healing remotely (distance healing), I will call you in etherically (energetically) into my sacred healing space after seeking permission from your Higher Self.  I would suggest you lie or sit down in a warm, comfortable position for the length of the healing session.

I will channel the healing frequencies into your body, following specific procedures as per healing.   I will identify any underlying imbalances and run the appropriate energetic procedures to balance.  This form of healing is very relaxing and deep.  If you fall asleep, know that you are receiving on a deep level.

Intuitive Reading & Feedback:

An intuitive reading will be given to you at the end of the session.  I will give an in depth feedback from the healing session. This is recorded as an MP3 file & sent to you after the session.

Lightbody Essence:

I will also create a therapeutic essence that you can take following the healing.  This will support and assist the integration of the healing changes that occur within your body.  These essences are vibrationally programmed by Alexis Cartwright in Australia.

7 drops of your essence is to be taken under the tongue morning and night.  This essence works on an energetic level, so is safe to take whilst on medication.

After your session:

After your session, allow time for gentle integration.  You may feel tired or energised, depending on what has or is shifting for you.  Please listen to your body.  Drink plenty of water, rest and eat healthy, high vibrational foods to support you.

This is an individual process where you may experience a magical shift internally.  It may feel like you are cocooned in the womb, being nourished and supported in every way.  Things such as mild pain or symptoms may shift or resolve during this time and create profound changes within you.  Allow yourself to surrender to this integrative process and embody the new that awaits you.

Depending on what needs to shift, you may feel emotional, tired, even exhausted.  Remember that this is the body’s way of healing, a gentle reminder to take things easy, reflect, take regular time out in nature.  Perhaps have regular relaxing baths or foot soaks with soothing essential oils like rose or lavender and some natural bath salts.  This will all support the healing and is all perfect in its own way.  However, please do get in touch via email if you have any concerns.  Everyone is coded and wired differently, so each journey is also different.  Have faith and trust in your body’s perfect, innate ability to heal.

Who can benefit? How often are healings recommended?

Transference Healing® is suitable for all ages.  It is beneficial to have regular full Advanced Level Transference Healing® sessions every 6 weeks to begin with.  For those struggling with their health and wellbeing, or indeed their ascension process, weekly or fortnightly healings are recommended until balance is achieved.  Thereafter, healings are recommended every 6 weeks or as needed.