Welcome to Crystal Earth Star

A sacred Multi-Dimensional healing space for optimum health, wellness & empowerment

Arise & Awaken Beloveds

It is time dear one!

I welcome you to this sacred space where you will be held in a safe container.

A nurturing space filled with love, compassion, understanding and healing.

A multi-dimensional healing space to explore, release, expand & embody a new version of you.

This time on earth is a time of great change

Many of the earth changes that have, and are happening, are assisting the earths ascension in to higher dimensions.   As humans, we may feel these changes within and around us – because our bodies, our energy, our frequencies and our vibration are also shifting into higher dimensions.  If you are energetically sensitive like me, you will feel these changes, but may not know how to shift or change.


Transference Healing® was birthed for these times, to assist us to clear the old and embody the new.  The energies and light frequencies filtering in to the earth at this time are helping us to grow, expand and evolve into higher states of consciousness.  It is a time of great change.  And I am here to assist you to evolve with ease.


Transference Healing® is a 7th dimensional healing lineage that works with high vibrations, light, colour, frequencies, geometry, lightbody and crystal technology and alchemy.  This multi-dimensional modality marries together many ancient lineages, ancient wisdom and teachings.  It works on many dimensions, layers and aspects of our etheric, crystalline and physical bodies.  Suppressed emotions and karmic wounds are healed.  DNA is decoded and recoded.  It clears density within our bodies, allowing us to embody more light.  We create long lasting changes from within.

Transference Healing® Sessions are available to assist with these times

All healing sessions are run in my sacred healing space.  Healings can be done in person or remotely (distance healing).  The client is seated in a comfortable chair and is warm and snug throughout.


As Transference Healing® is a non touch healing modality, there is no close contact.  The healing energy is run etherically, meaning from a distance.


Crystals play a huge part in my healing sessions and indeed my life itself.

I have a deep respect for the healing properties of crystals and for the power, knowledge and wisdom they hold.



Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Gaia, Pacha Mama, Mother Spirit...our beloved Earth goes by many names!

I have a deep rooted connection with our beloved Earth in spirit, energy & healing.



Since childhood I have always been in awe of the stars!  Always wanting to go 'home', I knew part of me was from the stars.

Now when I connect to the cosmic energies through healing...I feel at home!

star wallpaper-Image by ipicgr from Pixabay