Elaine Cammish - Energist, Healing Facilitator & Coach

Let's just say my journey to this space hasn't exactly been straight forward!  I started out my career as an Operating Theatre Nurse.  Life placed plenty of obstacles in my path to "wake me up" so to speak.  I eventually listened.  When I say listened - I mean I listened to my heart, my intuition, my higher guidance.  This guidance was there all along, but I was too distracted, stressed and too much in my head to notice before!


At a very delicate time in my life in December 2016, I was gifted information that led me to experience a Transference Healing® session.  It opened up doorways for me that I had been trying to access for almost a decade.  I felt like I was home.  I was finally able to access a huge part of me that was hidden.  I have literally changed completely in every way since that day.  I went on to train as a Practitioner & Teacher of Transference Healing® in 2018.


I have a very deep connection with the energies of the earth and the cosmos.  I work through heart consciousness, at a very deep level.  I work with Sacred Oils as a Myrrhophore where I connect to the spirit, energy and vibration of the oils for healing, guidance and teachings.  I bring through many elements from past lives, that assist me in walking my path in this lifetime.  I am a Rose Priestess and honour the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in harmony.

I am passionate about empowering others to live life from the heart, in a high vibration, which is 100% energetically aligned with their dreams.  I teach people to grow, expand and flourish...through mastering their energy & vibration. I help them to quit playing small!


I use a powerful combination of Health Coaching, Multi-Dimensional Healing & stress busting, heart centred energy tools including Energy Tapping (a modern version of EFT).


I empower my clients to ignite their inner spark, to reconnect with heart consciousness & live from a vibration of love.


I have also been through enough trauma, PTSD, anxiety, fear, stress, depression, low vibes etc to write volumes!!! So - I love empowering others how to rise like a phoenix out of those energy states & really live.


Outside of work - I am Mummy to 2 amazing boys who continue to teach me every day from a space of unconditional love.  I am married to my soul mate of 20 years, who is an amazing healer & Shamanic Practitioner.  I am a nature lover and I love walking and hiking.  I adore trees & water.  I love working with crystals and high vibrational energy healing.  I nurture my body with high vibrational foods, plenty of fresh air & earthing...and I love a good laugh!