Energetically Empowered

Join me on a six week online journey to:

  • De-clutter by releasing stress, low vibrational energy and overwhelm... re-energise & revitalise your energy field
  • Get crystal clear on who you are by releasing distractions and indecision...gain clarity, consistency and focus
  • Create an amazingly confident, calm & connected new version of you, that is in true alignment with your heart!

Are you ready to release what no longer serves your highest good?

Perhaps there are certain feelings, repetitive thought patterns or behaviours you wish to change?

Or you wish to let go of "stuff" that is keeping you feeling stuck, unhappy and mis-aligned?

Then get ready to master the 6 "C"'s of Energetic Empowerment:

  • Calm

  • Centred

  • Clear

  • Consistent

  • Confident

  • Connected

Break through the illusion - Align with your truth - Remember how powerful you are

Energetically Empowered focuses on 6 key areas:

  1. Stress management and energy maintenance

  2. Creating awareness, forming and maintaining new beneficial habits

  3. Focus, clarity & consistency

  4. Becoming crystal clear on you

  5. Connection to your core self

  6. Creation of a new confident you

When we clear our energy field, the illusion of fear & failure falls away - this is where we find our truth, the parts of ourselves we have forgotten or hidden - this is where we step forward effortlessly, finding solutions, birthing new gifts & talents, remembering hidden magic - the magic we are born with - the tools of creation unlock - here in this space, we come home to our heart

Energetically Empowered Course Outline

Module 1

Calm & Centered

Module 2

Clear & Consistent

Module 3

Confident & Connected

What's included in this course...

1. x 3 Live Energetic Empowerment Zoom Calls – Energy Tapping, Meditation, Visualisation & Coaching


2.  Private Telegram group for accountability & support ( for duration of 6 weeks course )


3.  Membership Access:

  • x3 Live fortnightly recorded videos (uploaded after the live event)
  • Pre-recorded videos:  Energy Tapping; Energy techniques; how to videos; breathing & relaxation techniques
  • Meditation / Visualisation MP3s
  • eBook with course outline, module details and lots of advice, tips and support
  • Daily journal & tracker
  • Life time access to the entire course content

Bonus:  3 Part Pre-recorded Energy Master Class - a great introduction to the Energy body, the Energy Chart and various energy states & an introduction to Energy Tapping

Join Energetically Empowered 6 Week Online Course

Energetic Exchange:  €388


Energetically Empowered Module Details

Module 1 - Calm & Centered

Included within Module 1 - Calm & Centered

  • x1 Live Zoom Video Call - Laying the foundation stones

Stress Management & Energy Maintenance:  I teach all about energy, how to assess an energy state, how to change it through energy techniques & maintain it in a high vibrational state

  • Pre-recorded energy raising videos that are short and powerful
  • Relaxation & Visualisation MP3s
  • Coaching guidance to assist new daily habit forming


Week 1:

Live Zoom Call – Laying the foundation stones

Stress management and energy maintenance

  • Learn how to assess your energy states & understand what happens to you when your energy is flowing or stuck
  • Release stress, overwhelm and low, stuck or stagnant energy or recognise the absence of energy
  • Increase your energy flow and step into a positive happy energetic state

Week 2:


Creating awareness, forming and maintaining new beneficial habits

  • Learn how to manage your energy by creating awareness on a daily basis & acting positively on it (forming new habits)
  • Using energy to our advantage to increase our energy flow, mood, emotions, feelings and outlook on life
  • Using techniques daily to stay centred, grounded and calm

Module 2 - Clear & Consistent

Included within Module 2 - Clear & Consistent

  • x1 Live Zoom Video Call - Becoming crystal clear

Crystal Clear & Aligned:  I teach how to clear the energetic clutter, gain clarity and momentum, access more higher energy states & manage  energy & time in an easy way, so that we can step into flow and alignment.

  • Pre-recorded videos that increase focus & clarity
  • Heart Centering & Energy Raising MP3s
  • Coaching guidance to assist new daily habit forming

Week 3:

Live Zoom Call – Becoming Crystal Clear

Focus, clarity & consistency

  • Learn how to use energy techniques to clear your energy field so that you can create space for the important stuff!
  • Time management is not just about time. It’s about energy management and presence!
  • How to effectively clear distractions & indecision, low energy, negative thought and behavioural patterns

Week 4:


Let’s get crystal clear on you

  • Learn how to become energetically aligned with what you truly desire
  • Gain absolute clarity on the next step ahead (clear your head, release the old, create the new)
  • Create a system to stay consistent on exactly what you need to be focused on

Module 3 - Confident & Connected

Included within Module 3 - Confident & Connected

  • x1 Live Zoom Video Call - Creating a new confident you

Connect in to your heart & power centres:  I teach how to connect in deeply into our core, where we retrieve lost or hidden gifts & talents.  We go on a journey of remembrance to deepen our heart connection, becoming confidence and connected to our true self.

  • Pre-recorded videos that increase self confidence, self esteem &  heart connection
  • Heart Connection & Confidence Raising MP3s
  • Coaching guidance to assist new daily habit forming

Week 5:

Live Zoom Call – Creating a new you

Connection to your core self

  • Delving deep into our heart space to retrieve all our gifts and talents that we need
  • Connect to your inner child who is always present, happy, confident, excited and full of unconditional love
  • Connect to your heart centre & remember your true light, unconditional love, balance and harmony

Week 6:


Creation of a new confident you

  • How to connect to the heart centre, your intuition and higher states of consciousness to become fully aligned to your true self
  • Learn how to create a state of true energetic empowerment from your energy centre
  • Nurturing and sustaining the new confident, calm, centred and focused you!